Fresh Market 2021

Meetings of suppliers and buyers of fruits, vegetables and flowers

SGPO Nasz SadKraj: Poland

SGPO Nasz Sad

SGPO Nasz Sad was established in 2001 by a group of fruit growers from the Grójec region. Today, the group NASZ SAD is one of the most modern sorting and storage centres in Poland. It is a reliable business partner offering its customers professionalism, high-quality products, and timely deliveries. The group has GLOBALGAP and BRC certificates confirming the high quality of manufactured products. Its products are safe for consumers and its production technology is environmentally friendly.  Our advantage is fruit export. The group sells its fruit to the European market, among others to Germany, Denmark, England, France, African and Scandinavian countries. It cooperates with supermarket chains, wholesalers, and over 250 retail outlets.

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