Fresh Market 2021

Meetings of suppliers and buyers of fruits, vegetables and flowers

Join our meetings!

Join our meetings!

If you are a retailer responsible for purchasing fruits, vegetables or flowers, contact us and we will arrange for you meetings with the best suppliers of fruit, vegetables and flowers specializing in suppliers to retail chains.


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We have been organizing business meetings for suppliers and buyers of fruit and vegetables for 13 years. To date, representatives of several dozen Polish and foreign trade networks have participated in them. We regularly visit many buyers every year. What do they value most in our meetings?


Checkmark​Finding new suppliers​

In one day you have the opportunity to pre-select several dozen manufacturers and suppliers and choose a few with whom you think it would be worth to talk about cooperation

CheckmarkFinding the best price​

By conducting a number of conversations with suppliers, you can find the best price for goods that are strategically important to you

Checkmark​Finding the right product

In one day you have the opportunity to find this particular product that you care about most and start talking with the producer

Checkmark​Favorable conditions for meetings

Meetings take place in a formula convenient for you - the supplier reports to the buyer, not the other way around

CheckmarkSaving time

A series of meetings during one day will reduce the need to arrange and conduct many individual meetings that lead to continuous detachment from current work

Checkmark​Increased comfort of daily work

If you receive offers that you are not determined about and the supplier insists on an answer, you can always say: "I will be at Fresh Market meetings online and we will talk there"



CheckmarkYou will get free access to the portal, where you can follow the quotations of fruit and vegetables from wholesale markets in Poland and Europe

CheckmarkInvitation to the Fresh Market 2021 conference

CheckmarkAccess to several hundred suppliers of fruits, vegetables and flowers specializing in deliveries to commercial networks

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