Fresh Market 2021

Meetings of suppliers and buyers of fruits, vegetables and flowers



ATB-Market (part of Corporation ATB) is the largest, fastest growing network in Ukraine.

Agrotekhbiznes company laid the foundation of ATB discounter chain in 1993. In 2000s ATB network was the first that introduced a new self-service system in discounter format in Ukraine. Discounters are the stores with a wide variety of goods at wholesale prices. Considering convenient location and high quality products this format corresponds the best to Ukrainian consumers.

So today millions of people have appreciated the advantages of ATB discounter chain. According to market research it is the largest retail network in Ukraine with more than 750 stores in more than 202 cities in 16 regions of Ukraine. During 21 year ATB has been known as stores where you can buy qualitative goods and also save the family budget. Every day more than 2 million Ukrainians visit and buy food and goods in ATB. During the past 5 years ATB has shown the highest rate of growth. In 2014 the turnover of ATB retail chain amounted to 46 billion 670 million UAH (Including VAT).

The assortment of stores is over 3500 items including more than 800 items of ATB private labels goods. By minimizing the cost of logistics and advertising the price of private label goods is lower than average but the quality meets well-known brands.

Success and high growth for more than 20 years is ensured by a friendly team. Professionalism, commitment to development, compliance with corporate standards and a high level of responsibility of each employee makes it possible to achieve our mission – to provide the population of Ukraine with the products of high quality at minimum prices and ensure the goods quality by implementing high technologies and ethical conduct of retail business.

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