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Fresh Market 2020

Meeting of suppliers and buyers of fruits,
vegetables and flowers
  • 200 comp. from 17 countries
  • Business meetings
  • Team of experts
  • Retail chains
01 october 2020 Mazurkas Conference Centre,
Ozarow Mazowiecki

arrow_w 01 OCTOBER 2020

AVITA at fresh Market 2018 2018-08-24

Trading chain Avita stores were established at the turn of 1995/1996 based solely on Polish capital. In the early years of its activity, dynamic development was based on the creation of our own retail outlets in southern Poland. In 2005 they established their company Avita Stores, whose mission was to create an innovative model of interoperability of retail units throughout the country. The aim of the Avita chain is to support Polish traditional trade. Avita has 81 stores in Poland.

Poland Fruit