Fresh Market 2020

Meetings of suppliers and buyers of fruits, vegetables and flowers

Catalog Fresh Market Guide 2021/22


Fresh Market 2020 online meetings

It will be published in January 2021. ​

The buyers will receive an A4 paper version, an online version and a specialist version in Google Docs allowing them to quickly filter producers based on products, certificates and other desired features.

While the global situation is getting worse, the next trade fairs and conferences are being cancelled, the Fresh Market Guide is the perfect and cheapest opportunity to promote and reach out to major retail chains from all over Europe. The list of buyers who will receive the catalog can be found in the online version below.

Check the draft version of the online catalog today!

See our online catalog!


Why is it worth to be in the catalog?


  • The catalog will be sent directly:
    to the buyers from over 200 retail chains from Poland and Europe as well as to 400 participants of Fresh Market
  • The catalog will be promoted on and in marketing campaigns
  • Your logo and company information will appear on
  • You will promote the brand and product among professionals in the industry
  • You will get a chance to make new business contacts

Advertising in the catalogue



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Fresh Market Online Meetings


Full-page advertisement on the fourth page of the folder (back cover).

Fresh Market Online Meetings


Full-page advertisement on the 2nd cover page inside the folder.

Fresh Market Online Meetings


Full-page advertisement on the third cover page inside the folder.

Fresh Market Online Meetings


Full-page advertisement in the folder.

Fresh Market Online Meetings


1/2 page advertisement (horizontal) in a folder.

Fresh Market Online Meetings


1/4 page advertisement (horizontally) in a folder.


Frequently Asked Questions

What information will be published in the catalog?

  • Company name, country of origin, sales area, delivery options, contact, products (maximum 10 items), information about packaging and confectioning, order quantities, certificates, types of crops.

How can I register my company?

  • If you are a participant in previous editions of Fresh Market or the current edition of Fresh Market Online Meetings, all you have to do is fill out the form available here.

How much does it cost?

  • Entry into the catalog is free of charge for companies participating in Fresh Market from previous years as well as for companies who purchased the advertisement in Fresh Market Guide. 

Can I make my company stand out in some way?

  • Yes. You can place an ad as per the specification above. The purchase of an advertisement guarantees your company a high priority when scheduling remote Fresh Market 2020 meetings.
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