Fresh Market 2021

Meetings of suppliers and buyers of fruits, vegetables and flowers


Fresh Market 2020



14th edition of Meetings with suppliers and buyers of fruits and vegetables




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Product catalog Winter & Spring 2021/2022 with offers for retail chains.

We invite you to place advertising in the Fresh Market winter-spring 2021 product catalog and to distribute your own leaflets/brochures, which will be sent to fruit and vegetable buyers of 300 retail chains and 100 major fruit and vegetable distributors in Europe.


Dispatch of catalogue and leaflets - second half of September 2021


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Retail chains with which we are in contact

Fresh Market is in contact with buyers of fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers from well-known retail chains in Poland and Europe.



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About Fresh Market conference

      The first Fresh Market conference took place in 2008 in Poland and was a response to the demand of fruit and vegetable operators for business meetings in the fresh fruit and vegetable branch. From the beginning, the Fresh Market conference has become a meeting place for fruit and vegetable suppliers and buyers from retail chains. The meetings were organised in an innovative way, where buyers of fruit and vegetables from retail chains had their stands, while representatives of companies could visit buyers' stands and present them their offers. The formula of the meetings was appreciated both by the buyers and the suppliers of fruit and vegetables, as it allowed all participants to establish new business contacts very quickly, within just one day, combined with a review of sales and logistics opportunities of producers offering certain products to particular retail chains. Suppliers came out of the Fresh Market B2B meetings with lots of business cards and phone numbers of chain stores buyers, which were impossible to get in such a short time in any other way. Buyers from retail chains were given the opportunity to meet face to face with suppliers, look each other in the eye and quickly research the market to find the suppliers with products they care most about. In 2020 and 2021, the meetings are held online on the platform.

     Over a dozen years of B2B meetings, Fresh Market has been visited by the world's largest producers of fresh apples, citrus fruits, grapes, potatoes, onions, and other major fresh fruit and vegetable categories. B2B meetings gathered buyers from Polish retail chains such as Arhelan, Auchan, Carrefour, Chata Polska, Chorten, Delikatesy Centrum (Eurocash), Dino Market, Frac, Intermarche, Jeronimo Martins (Biedronka), Kaufland, Makro, PGS, Polo Market, Selgros, SPS Handel, Stokrotka, Spar, Żabka. Fruit and vegetable buyers from Russian retail chains: Magnit, Lenta, Viktoria, buyers from Belarusian retail chains: Eurotorg, Gippo, Santa, Spar. The buyers from the retail chains from Ukraine: ATB Market, Fozzi Group, Varus. Buyers of fruit and vegetables in retail chains in Lithuania (Maxima, Rimi, Gruste), the Czech Republic (Billa, Brnenka), Romania (Profi), Serbia (Aman), Moldova (Linella), Sweden (ICA Groupen), and many others.

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