Fresh Market 2017

Meeting of suppliers and buyers of fruits ,vegetables and flowers
  • 220 comp. from 11 countries
  • Business meetings
  • Retail chains
  • Team of experts
Mazurkas Conference Centre,

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Fresh Market 2017 - general information

The Program of the Fresh Market 2017 is designed cater for your needs and enable you to establish a maximum number of valuable contacts.

Meetings with retail chains buyers
… serves as a mainstage of the Fresh Market. Right here, within the area of Polish and other European Chain Stores' stands commercial talks with buyers are taking place. The stands are open all day long.

Discussion Panels
… are a forum where you can find out from the Experts about the market trends, can gain key information for your business and look at the price analysis and prognosis for the future. During Discussion Panels you can ask questions to the Experts. 

Meeting Room
… is an area designed for meetings and talks in a relaxed atmosphere for those conference participants. Here you can establish business contacts in a friendly atmosphere with a cup of aroma coffee and  an excellent refreshments. 

… will last all day during the Meeting in the Conference Center facilities. Untill the evening Banquet begins, you can visit the stands of companies offering products & services and Spomsor's stands.

… is an epilogue of the Conference where in a less formal atmosphere during an elegant dinner combined with other attractions you can establish closer business relationships with your new business partners.