Fresh Market 2018

Meeting of suppliers and buyers of fruits ,vegetables and flowers
Days to event: 158
27 september 2018
Mazurkas Conference Centre,
Ozarow Mazowiecki
  • 200 comp. from 17 countries
  • Business meetings
  • Team of experts
  • Retail chains
27 september 2018 Mazurkas Conference Centre,
Ozarow Mazowiecki

arrow_w 27 SEPTEMBER 2018

Strawberry Growers Association Partner with the Fresh Market 2017 Conference 2017-06-14

 The Strawberry Growers Association was established on 17.04.2012 The purpose of the Association is: - Representation and defense of the rights of the producers in it. - Initiate changes in the regulatory environment for the fruit growers. - Dissemination of knowledge about the cultivation and protection of strawberries. - Popularization of pro-ecological production methods and environmental protection. - Activities promoting the consumption of strawberry fruit and healthy eating. - Supporting social initiatives. - Protecting and preserving cultural heritage and traditions. - Health care and social assistance in random cases. - Support and development of family farms. Contact to the association Tel: 781 729 051