Fresh Market 2017

Meeting of suppliers and buyers of fruits and vegetables
Days to event: 176
21 september 2017
Mazurkas Conference Centre,
  • 220 comp. from 11 countries
  • Business meetings
  • Retail chains
  • Team of experts
21 september 2017 Mazurkas Conference Centre,

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Advertising during the conference

Advertising at Fresh Market

Be seen and heard – your Brand during the Fresh Market! 

  • Tell about your Brand during an individual lecture – presentation of your Company during Discussion Panels for only 625 EUR 
  • Place your banner – be closer to your clients during the entire Meeting: in the Meeting Room and on the corridors of the Mazurkas Conference Centre: 
    • a big format outdoor banner (1,5m x 6m)  of your Company installed on the construction of the building - 1225 EUR 
    • a big format indoor banner of your Company installed on the construction of the building – 650 EUR 
    •  roll-up of your Company – 250 EUR 

Show your Brand on the Conference web page – monthly exposition of a banner on costs only 215 EUR 

Be present in the promotion material – make your promotion material accessible in the folders: 

  •  your leaflets – 175 EUR  
  •  folders of your brand – 300 EUR 
  •  your Catalogues, Magazines and other publications – 650 EUR 

Be visible all the time - we offer many possibilities to promote your company: 

  •  company's ad on two screens during lunch and banquet (Bolero room and restaurant) - 300 EUR 
  •  company's ad or logotype on screen in Meeting Room - 375 EUR 
  • company's logo (as mini flag) on  each table located in retail chains stands  - 375 EUR 
  •  2 hostesses serviing retail chains stands dressed in clothes with the company's logotype - 425 EUR 
  •  information about the company at tables during lunch and banquet - 175 EUR 

Select now the best promotion options for you and make the Representatives permanently aware of your brand

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