Fresh Market 2017

Meeting of suppliers and buyers of fruits and vegetables
Days to event: 213
21 september 2017
21.09.2017 Mazurkas Conference Centre , Warsaw
  • 160 comp. from 15 countries
  • Business meetings
  • Retail chains
  • Team of experts
21 september 2017 21.09.2017 Mazurkas Conference Centre , Warsaw

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How does it work?

Fresh Market is taking place in an exclusive interiors of Mazurkas Conference Center which is famous for professional service and excellent catering

From the morning Participants make appointments with representatives of given retail chain.

 At the screens in the Merchant's Trade Center Participants can check when their meeting takes place

Meetings are being held on specially prepared stands where suppliers can present their offer to buyers responsible for purchase of fruit and vegetables

 Each meeting lasts max. 10 min.

 At the same time experts give lectures relating to trade of fruit and vegetables and current situation on the market.

 Exhibitors present their offer at own exhibition stands 

During the day Participants have an access to VIP Zone (with coffee and refreshments) where they can establish business contacts with other guests of Fresh Market

We also provide you with an excellent lunch

After the whole day of fruitfull meetings Participants can relax at the evening reception with an exclusive catering...

 and lot of fun thanks to the music band and dancers :-)