Fresh Market 2018

Meeting of suppliers and buyers of fruits ,vegetables and flowers
Days to event: 68
27 september 2018
Mazurkas Conference Centre,
Ozarow Mazowiecki
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27 september 2018 Mazurkas Conference Centre,
Ozarow Mazowiecki

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Fresh Goji berries from Moldova - DILBAR company



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Product description

Fresh goji berries with 100% organic European crop delivered in 24h from the 125g package.

Unlike popular goji berries from China which have been deprived of many vitamins in the drying process - including significant amounts of vitamin C - many nutrition experts confirm that fresh Goji fruit is the healthiest food in the world, which is exchanged in the first position among the super-food - as confirmed by the work of David Wolff „Superżywność jedzenie i medycyna przyszłości”.

Fresh Goji fruits have 50 times more vitamin C than orange (third in the world among natural sources of this vitamin) and vitamins B1, B2, B6 and E. They are a complete source of protein. Contains 19 different amino acids, including 8 exogenous amino acids (found only in food and not produced in the human body) and 21 trace elements - including zinc, iron, copper, lime, german (with anti-cancer effect), selenium, phosphorus . There are 3 times more iron than spinach. Fresh Goji berries effectively prevent cancer, aging, hypertonia, abnormal blood pressure and strengthen the immune system. Consuming about 70 pcs of Fresh Goji berries a day (30-50g) is enough to guarantee your health.

Both literature and Malopolska Center for Monitoring and Certification of Food, University of Agriculture in Cracow, namely prof. Dr hab. Ewa Cieślik confirms the health benefits of fresh Goji fruit.


What is product innovation?

  1. DILBAR company is the only company that offers fresh Goji berries in Poland - straight from the plantation. The freshness is guaranteed by order delivery within 24 hours  from the plantation in Moldova. This is new in the market!
  2. Farm "Elena" - one of Europe's largest wolfberry’s  plantation - produces Goji berries in the form of fresh fruit. Fruits are offered in 125g packages with the logo "Dilbar".
  3. European  cultivation of fresh Goji fruit by DILBAR is 100% Eco - on the family plantation does not use chemical fertilizers, plant protection chemicals as confirmed by the annual tests on the plantation.



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